This is a list of great educational videos that I use in my science and biology PowerPoint lessons.

Cell Division, Mitosis and Meiosis

These videos are embedded in my Mitosis and Cell Division PowerPoint.

  • Mitosis (6 min) – A good and well explained overview of the stages of mitosis.  The animation gives students a good idea of how one stage of mitosis flows into the next.  It also briefly talks about the cell cycle.
  • The Cell Cycle and Mitosis (17 min) – A detailed lesson on the events that occur during the cell cycle and mitosis.  Great for a more in depth explanation of these processes.  Narrator is enthusiastic and explains the topic well.
  • Fruit Fly Embryo Development in Real Time (1 min) – A fascinating look at how quickly cells divide and organize in a fruit fly embryo using the latest microscopy imaging techniques.
  • Human Embryo Development in the First Six Days (35 sec) – A close up look at a human fertilized egg as it divides to become a blastocyst after 6 days.  Great to illustrate cell division close up under a microscope.

The Solar System

These videos are embedded in my Solar System PowerPoint.